Philippine Jesuit Prison Service (PJPS)

Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs) encounter difficulties in handling their situation while inside the prison. Even their families experience the hardship especially if the breadwinner of the family is the one incarcerated. Philippines Jesuit Prison priests work hand in hand with volunteers, benefactors, and Bureau of Correction employees in Muntinlupa City towards alleviating the condition of inmates, advocating reforms, and empowering the inmates in preparation for future reintegration to society.

Let us serve as instruments of the love and mercy of God in their rehabilitation and change of heart. When you SHARE YOUR TREASURE, you are helping in creating a better life for the inmates and their families. YOU CAN VOLUNTEER while STAYING SAFE AT HOME. Treasure Volunteering allows you to donate via Paypal or your credit/debit card account and spark hope for incarcerated persons and their families.

You can create change and bring warmth to their hearts this Christmas time.

About PJPS: They partner with many other volunteer groups in order to provide letter-writing, legal aid, counseling, feeding sessions, medicines, and medical missions, especially to the visitor-less, elderly, and indigent inmates. They also facilitate immersions, propose penal and judicial reforms, and network with other organizations to raise awareness in the free society of the realities of prison as well as the deficiencies of a punitive system of justice.