Coalition of Services of the Elderly, Inc.

One of the most remarkable traits of Filipinos is how we respect our elderly and how it has been strongly inculcated into our culture. The Coalition of Services of the Elderly, Inc. (COSE) cultivates this culture by assisting older persons to continue living in their communities and contributing to the lives of others. Few of the struggles they are trying to mitigate are the issues on poverty, exclusion, invisibility, and ageism.

You can show gratitude towards the older people of our communities by SHARING YOUR TREASURE conveniently and safely while STAYING AT HOME. Treasure Volunteering allows you to donate either via Paypal or your debit/credit card to grant their wishes and give importance to them especially this Christmas season.

COSE believes in a society where everybody can get old with dignity. It bases its mission on the tradition of respecting older persons and supporting community-based programs.