Ang Galing (basic literacy program)

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Ang Galing (basic literacy program)
  • Ceto's mausoleum, Street 38, Manila North Cemetery
  • March 16, 2019
  • 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM
  • ATD Fourth World Philippines
  • All programs -Beata Kowalska (contact no. below) /Losha Teliuk - 09208318662/ Ang Galing-Mae Ann Reginaldo-09189631452
  • 09208318664

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*This event will be at no cost to you except for the transportation cost to and from the venue.

All Together in Dignity (ATD) Fourth World is an international non-governmental organization with no religious or political affiliation who works with individuals and institutions to find solutions to eradicate extreme poverty. ATD works in partnership with people living in extreme poverty. It's human rights-based approach focuses on supporting families and individuals through its grassroots presence and involvement in disadvantaged communities, in urban and rural areas. It creates public awareness of extreme poverty and influences policies to address it.

Ang Galing is the tutorial program of ATD Fourth World Philippines for children (6-14 y old) who do not know how to read and write in Filipino. These learners are enthusiastic as they begin traditional school but once they cannot keep up with the rest of the class in a one-size fits-all kind of environment, they fall behind. Ang Galing encourages them to remain in school and to go back if they stop. The session is learner-centered and the structure is informal. It is held at Manila North cemetery where the children live with their parents. Ang Galing helps the learners rediscover the fun in learning and that they are as intelligent as everyone else. The program conducts monitoring and evaluation of each learner's progress, supports the educational efforts of the parents, and builds links with DepEd and the schools of the learners.

We Need You because we think you can join hands with us to find solutions to eradicate extreme poverty. An important step in eradicating extreme poverty is to recognize poverty in all its many faces and forms. Lack of quality education is a form of poverty. It deprives people of the right to know things that can help them determine how to live their lives. Let's bring back the fun in learning and help us support parents in their struggle to claim their rights to a quality education for their family. 

How to Join as a Tutor

If you like being around children, want to be a learning companion of children who are learning basic reading and writing in Filipino, JOIN US! We only ask to attend our orientation right before the tutorials. 

The Tutorial Session

All other things about the tutorial will be explained to you during orientation but here is what to expect. When you arrive, you can read orientation notes while waiting for the orientation to start. The notes include a guide on how to evaluate a learner's reading and writing. You can always refer to the notes all throughout the session. Once the learners arrive, each gets to choose his/her tutor. When a learner does not choose, one of you may be asked to approach and work with this learner. You may be asked to tutor another learner after you finish a session with one. Adjust to the learner's pace as you go along. Keep the session light and fun. Try varied activities with all the materials on hand. Do not give food, erasers, pencils and any other thing that can influence how a child perceives Ang Galing. Gadgets are allowed but not during a session with a child. 

Keep Updated
Change of schedules, news and updates will be posted on our Facebook page ( We will also use all other means to get in touch with you through all the contact information you shared with us. Please make sure that these are all accurate.

What to Wear and Bring

Wear light, comfortable clothes that will not easily snag and adequate footwear for walking on damp earth. Please bring your water bottle and pen. 


We advise the use of comfort rooms at PureGold (opens at 9am) or Chinese General Hospital. In rainy weather, the cemetery entrance may get flooded. Please wear adequate protection. If you decide to take the tricycle, make sure that the driver knows the venue and agrees to the P20 fare before taking the tricycle.

Some directions to Manila North Cemetery:
1 From City Hall, take a Dapitan Blumentritt jeep. The jeep will turn left from Laong-Laan to Dimasalang, go straight and turn left at Blumentritt. Ask the driver to drop you off in front of the main gate.
2 From Blumentritt, take a Munoz jeep. It will go straight along Blumentritt, turn right at Aurora Blvd., turn left at Dimasalang. Ask the driver to drop you off at Norte (the cemetery). 
3 From Bacood, Punta, Sta. Mesa, and Legarda, take a Quiapo-Dimasalang-Blumentritt jeep at Quiapo. Ask the driver to drop you off in front of the main gate. 
From North EDSA, take a jeep going to España. Get off at the first intersection after Welcome Rotonda (Blumentritt). Take the Blumentritt-España jeep at the corner terminal, the fare is P8. Ask the driver to drop you off in front of the main gate. 
From Commonwealth, take a Quiapo/Lawton bus or a Quiapo España jeep. Get off at the first intersection after Welcome Rotonda (Blumentritt). Take the Blumentritt-España jeep at the corner terminal, the fare is P8. Ask the driver to drop you off in front of the main gate.
From Quirino Highway, ride a jeep/bus to Blumentritt. The cemetery is at the corner of A. Bonifacio and Blumentritt. The main gate is at Blumentritt. Ask the driver to drop you off in front of it. 
From Rizal Avenue, Caloocan, ride a jeep to Blumentritt. Get off at Blumentritt. Take a Munoz jeep. The jeep will go straight along Blumentritt, turn right to Aurora Blvd., then turn left to Dimasalang. Ask the driver to drop you off at Norte (the cemetery). 

INSIDE THE CEMETERY: Ang Galing venue will be at Seto's mausoleum, 38 Street. To get there from the gate: Walk towards Rotonda/Circle. Turn right at 38th St., where the orange public CR stands. Walk straight till you get to the corner where there is an open space on your left. That is 38 cor. 16. Walk past 16 St. until you get to Mendoza Family mausoleum. Seto Bernardino's mausoleum is at the back.

Come and join us! We are excited to see you there! :-)