Christmas Workshops with the Community

Poverty | Nov 28, 2019 | Donation Program

Christmas is a time of joy, unity, and learning! Every year, community facilitators conduct Christmas Workshops using common or recycled materials. Children and their parents create Christmas lanterns, trees, and garlands to brighten up their homes and communities.

The workshops are an opportunity for friends, volunteers, and families to interact and socialize, strengthening our team-spirit, refreshing and re-energizing us for future challenges. ATD Fourth World Philippines is not a charity organization but a movement to empower poor communities to take part in creating solutions to eradicate poverty. We continually urge our policy- and decision-makers to work WITH the poor not exclude them. The workshops are more than just activities, therefore; they are part of the continuing process to create opportunities and partnerships and build confidence amongst the communities.

We invite YOU to join the preparation and/or workshops! Volunteers are badly needed!

The workshops will culminate with a Christmas party on December 14 filled with games and laughter.

Wednesday 13 - Brainstorming and creation of samples - ATD Office – 2PM
Thursday 14 - Brainstorming and creation of samples - ATD Office – 2PM
Friday 15 - Preparation of materials - ATD Office – 2PM
Monday 18 - Preparation of materials - ATD Office – 2PM
Tuesday 19 - Christmas workshop in Calauan Laguna – morning
Wednesday 20 - Christmas workshop in Pandi Bulacan – morning
Thursday 21 - Preparation of materials - ATD Office – 2PM
Friday 22 Christmas workshop in North Cemetery Manila – 2PM
Saturday 23 - Christmas workshop in Paco 825 Manila – morning
Saturday 23 - Preparation of materials - ATD Office – 2PM
Sunday 24 - Christmas workshop in Balagtas Bulacan – morning
Wednesday 27 - Christmas workshop in Norzagaray Bulacan – morning
Thursday 28 - Christmas workshop in Pandacan ATD Office – 2PM


We need volunteers to help us facilitate the workshops. Share your talents and skills in creating Christmas decor or simply help in the preparation.


Please help to collect PHP 35K. Any amount is welcome! Your gift will help cover the cost of workshop materials, snacks, and transportation.

You may deposit at any BPI branch:
Account Name: International Movement ATD Fourth World
Account No.: 2343-1413-54
Or donate thru PayPal:

Do not forget to inform us of your deposit through email, FB message or SMS.

1225 Labores St., Pandacan, Manila

Nov 28, 2019

ATD Fourth World Philippines

Amelie Leninger




Goal: Php 35,000

Php 35,000 more donations needed