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  • Sitio Cataquiz Dumpsite, San Pedro Laguna
  • April 22, 2018
  • 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • LVC Laguna Volunteering Community
  • Rio Arellano
  • 09227386257

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Dental Care Awareness Part 2
After a YEAR LVC – Laguna Volunteering Community together with RGP Laguna Riders will conduct a “DENTAL CARE AWARENESS PART 2” Charity Event at Sitio Cataquiz Dumpsite, San Pedro Laguna. We will give a Free Toothbrush with Toothpaste in 130 unfortunate kids who live in dumpsite/smoky mountain place in San Pedro Laguna. Aside from that we will have a feeding program for the kids and a short time to play and give some toys and preloved clothes donated by our kind-hearted donors sharing materials and useful things for the kids.
We are encouraging and inviting VOLUNTEERS to join us share your time, make some effort, give some attention and make your summer wonderful, fruitful and sensible by spending yourself by giving and helping. Let’s all help one another to assist and have time to play with the kids. And give smile and encourage these young unfortunate kids that there is always HOPE and don’t stop believing in their DREAMS.
Join us and be part of LVC and RGP Laguna Riders “DENTAL CARE AWARENESS Part 2” Charity Event. ON April 22, 2018 Sunday, from 8am to 11:30am at Sitio Cataquiz, San Pedro Laguna. Please do wear black Tshirt and extra clothes, own water, some candies with you or toys. And please be noted that the dumpsite is smelly like rotten foods and dirty. Be sure that you can able to manage and have a strong stomach or immune system if you are willing to go with us. Contact our LVC Social Editor for meet up plan and direction at 09227386257. Let’s all unite and help these children, paying attention in this place that there is no water, electricity, surrounded by garbage and most of children eating “PAGPAG” left over foods. Be a Volunteer and spread kindness.
LVC – Laguna Volunteering Community