VolunTutor on a Friday!

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VolunTutor on a Friday!
  • He Cares Mission Bldg., 9 Mines St. Project 6, Quezon City
  • March 16, 2018
  • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • He Cares Foundation
  • Cathy Evangelista
  • 09324623769
  • hecaresvoluntutor@gmail.com

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*Please be sure to remember to come!  We do not have anyone to text you reminders so please do not forget!  We are counting on you :)  Thank you.
Dear VolunTutor, 
We are glad you have a heart for street kids!  This program has been going on since 2008 and since then, the children's grades have gone up, they are more confident, take care of themselves more and we also have no school dropouts as time goes by!   You don't know how important your time is with them!
WHO WILL WE TUTOR: The household boys of He Cares Foundation. They are trying to maintain a certain grade average to remain in the program. They live with the foundation because their parents cannot care for them.
WHAT: We will teach basic English and Math. We will have materials that we can use to practice their skills (books, worksheets, etc) and we will make learning fun!  
WHY: Our goal is to encourage the children to stay in school and to build their confidence that they can do it. Many of them are really smart and talented but they face tremendous challenges due to their environment, preventing them to even want to continue schooling. 
HOW: We will help you with the different ways to tutor the child. From playing the dictionary game, to spelling, to multiplication drills. Please watch this online orientation video https://youtu.be/qL2XjIBKabw  so you can start right away. 
WHERE: He Cares Mission Building, 9 Mines St. Proj.6, Quezon City (Please look for Cathy)
THINGS TO BRING: - bring water, you might get thirsty! - snacks to share with kids and volunteers (optional) - ballpen and scratch paper - just some enthusiasm!!! - OPTIONAL: If you have wifi that would help a lot for questions we can't answer but someone else's can be borrowed in case you don't have :) 
Please alert Cathy if you plan to come - text 0932-4623769 so you can be informed of any last minute announcements. 
Directions: From SM North, ride proj6 jeep. Tell driver you'll get down Visayas McDonald's. Walk across Visayas ave. and pass small alley to go to Forestry Road. Walk right and then turn to the road to the right - that will curve to Mines Road. 
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