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Would you like to contribute to Pandacan's culture and heritage preservation? Join the project to revive Pandacan as a center for arts, culture, and nature by joining the Free Heritage Walking Tours. 

We need people to hear about this old district's rich history filled with inspiring role models and to share the experience to friends and family. We need more people to become aware that culture, history, and heritage can be a vehicle for a progressive community development that factors in the protection of nature as part of a balanced society.

To REGISTER, sign up on this page and message "Joining Pandacan Good Earth Festival Tour " with your name/s at 09975013622.

See more details about the Good Earth Day here: https://www.facebook.com/events/409467839841907/



Pandacan is a small district yet it is a center of arts and culture in Manila. In the 19th century, Pandacan was described as a "Little Venice" or "Little Italy" for its numerous canals or estuaries leading to the Pasig River. It is the birthplace of artist, writers, balladeers, musicians, athletes, educators, and military heroes.

Francisco Balagtas featured one of its rivers, the Ilog Beata, in his epic poem Florante at Laura. Jose Rizal loved to hang out here with friends and artists such as The Father of Filipino Opera Ladislao Bonus. The sports and war hero Jacinto Ciria Cruz (more commonly known as “Jumping Jack”) was born and raised here. The first woman doctor of the Philippines, educator and scientist Dra. Maria Paz Mendoza Guazon, grew up in Pandacan.

To honor, preserve and protect Pandacan’s rich history and legacy, the Samahan ng Sining at Kultura ng Pilipinas (SSKPil) organized The Walking Tour of Pandacan or Lakbay Kamalaysayan in 2011. The tour highlighted the uniqueness of Pandacan in the nation’s history and culture.

SSKPil members invited friends, residents, and ex-residents to take a walk around Pandacan, reminisce over past glories, and to share ideas on how to help the community.

Today, SSKPil is opening the tour to more friends. We hope you will support us!

The Walking Tour of Pandacan or Lakbay Kamalaysayan is a heritage preservation and community development project of Samahan ng Sining at Kultura ng Pilipinas (SSKPil).

This project aims to:
1. Foster an appreciation of Pandacan’s culture and history within the community and among those who attended the tours
2. Encourage the community to help preserve and protect Pandacan’s cultural landmarks and traditions 
3. Create an educational medium for social awareness and conscience through the appreciation of history and values such as of love for country and equality

We believe that Lakbay Kamalaysayan can also become a vehicle for community development as the tours can nurture economic opportunities for the community. Community members will be encouraged to keep their environment clean and green.



About Samahan ng Sining at Kultura ng Pilipinas (SSKPil)

Naghahanap ka ba ng makabuluhang pangarap? Sumali sa SSKPil! 

Isang pamayanang maka-Diyos, maka-tao, maka-kalikasan at maunlad na may pagpapahalaga sa mga aral ng kasaysayan nito at nagtataglay ng mga sining at kulturang malaya, dinamiko at progresibo.

Samahan ng Sining at Kultura ng Pilipinas (SSKPil) is a non-government and non-profit coordinating and policy-making body for various art and cultural societies in the Philippines. 

SSKPil is a cultural society with a mission – to create a Godly society that cares for the environment and the teachings of history, possessing a free, dynamic, and progressive arts and culture. Currently, SSKPil is based in Pandacan, Manila.

SSKPil have various projects throughout the year on top of the activities of its member societies. We welcome new members. If you are interested to join SSKPil or its member societies, please get in touch with us via phone or email (0917-450-2878, 0932-766-9969, +632 564 9031, or sskpil@yahoo.com). 

Anyone with a desire to promote arts and culture in the Philippines are welcome to join. Whatever your talent (creative, technical, project management, etc.) it will be put to good use.

Member Societies
1. Kaisahan ng Lahi Dance Ensemble - a cultural dance troupe 

2. Teatro Balagtas - a community youth theater group 

3. Lakbay Kamalaysayan - a heritage preservation group 

Partner Society

Don's Skip Manila -  a walking tour group