Progressive Assistance Canada

  • Brgy. 128, Balut, Tondo, Manila
  • Philippines
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Mission statement

The Mission of Progressive Assistance Canada (PAC) is to working to relieve hunger and poverty, enhance educational opportunities, and promote a healthier lifestyle. PAC's mission is to assist local Barangays in finding their path towards empowerment through sustainable development.

We are a Canadian-based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) operating in the Philippines, seeking to alleviate the cycle of poverty in the most vulnerable and disenfranchised Filipino Barangays (communities). Addressing the root causes of the cycle of poverty, our programs are based on holistic systems-based approaches towards sustainable development.

Progressive” meaning innovating through harnessing the systems currently in-place, tapping into cultural knowledge, and maximizing use of human, natural, and material resources at-hand and through donorship.

Assistance” defined as providing comprehensive assistance, based on a three-pronged approach, for vital individual and community-based needs. The practical application of "assistance" means ensuring subsistence needs, as well as physical, intellectual, and social needs, are met so as to encourage individual and community empowerment.

"Canada" is the country of origin of our founder. However, the question should be why the Philippines? After Philippe's visit there, the heart and resilience that persisted in the most impoverished of Filipino Barangays (communities), even in light of the lack of social and economic opportunities and resources, resonated with him. Canada is a country full of resources, and important values, such as compassion, equality, and charity. Philippe's vision was that PAC is created to connect the two countries, working together towards a more promising future for the Barangays in-need.

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