Citizen Reporter

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Citizen Reporter
  • 261 Don Fabian St. Brgy. Commonwealth Quezon City
  • February 18, 2019 - December 27, 2019
  • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Pearl Angela Soriano
  • 09656711598
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Hi ^.^

Grain Foundation for PWD Inc. is looking for creative and passionate news writer who are willing to support the persons with disability community (PWDs).  Please do not sign up if you are not yet sure about this volunteer opportunity.


As a volunteer citizen reporter you will help and support the foundation in empowering the PWD community by helping the foundation to write newsletters for every programs, events and activities of GFPI. These programs focus to the development and sustainability of persons with disability community who have hearing impairment (deaf), intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, low vision and orthopedic disability. Your creativity in writing real, interesting and heartfelt news will also support the foundation in advertising its mission, vision and advocacy to other community.


We are located at #261 Don Fabian Brgy. Commonwealth Quezon City near PUP QC Campus and Commonwealth High School


We are not requiring you to go in our foundation every day. As a volunteer citizen reporter you will attend first our orientation to get to know who is Grain Foundation and why we are here. After the orientation and small meeting we can discuss with you all the information needed to make newsletter. You may create these layouts in your house or in our office. You can choose a place where you are comfortable with (house or office). 


Packed lunch or snacks, pocket money, water, notebook, ballpen, ID


Wear comfortable clothes such as: Tshirt, pants, and rubber shoes


Contact Ms. Pearl Soriano or you may call our office number (02) 358-7903

Why we need you? 

We need volunteers like you to develop a community for PWD wherein their is NO DISCRIMINATION. We need your help to spread PWD awareness to the community so that our PWD partners will feel accepted, loved and cared in our society. We need you to be our voice in upholding the PWD rights. With your help and act of volunteerism we can change the world little by little, soon our country will be a PWD loving community.


Grain Foundation for PWD Inc. is a Christian community. We are looking for a Christian and Catholic volunteers to avoid problems.

                                                                                   We are excited to share our advocacy with you!

                                                       "Disability is not to be overcome, but a lifestyle made complete through sharing"

CONTACT US: 358-7903