FORMators during Sunday Formation Session of MOTHERS of College, High-School and Elementary Scholars

Children & Youth | Nov 10, 2019 | Volunteer Event

PJPS envision a society that rebuilds lives, rekindles hope, and restores dignity in all those affected by incarceration. 

Incarceration perpetuates a vicious cycle of poverty, crime, and separated families. To end this, we sponsor the education of inmates’ children to give families hope for a more stable future. Many of our scholars enter as grade school students and remain until they finish college.

Through the perpetual support of our volunteers, PJPS conducts monthly formation programs for its scholars and their parents. In this light, we invite you to IMPACT lives of inmates and their families! JOIN our pool of volunteers!

WHAT:     Values FORMators during Sunday Formation Session of MOTHERS of Grade School Scholars

WHERE:    Ina ng Awa Parish Multi-Purpose Hall, New Bilibid Prison Reservation, Muntinlupa City. (Nearest toll exit: Susana Heights). 

THINGS TO BRING:          

- extra shirt as it is warmer in Bilibid during April to June

- yourself and openness to experience

- join us for solidarity lunch (free) with other volunteers and scholars


- ATTEND our Orientation during our General Assembly of Scholars, Mothers and Volunteers on 26 May 2019, 1:00PM to 4:00PM at Covered Court, Katarungan Village 1, Muntinlupa City. This will be an opportunity for you to know and build camaraderie among the scholars, mothers and volunteers from respective levels.

- For waze and google map, search PJPS or Ina ng Awa Parish Muntinlupa. 

Your dedication and commitment are greatly contributing in our mission as a ministry that shares the transforming love and mercy of God through the holistic rehabilitation of inmates, their families and the prison community as a whole.

Joining the ministry should not mean you’re having to turn your back on your commitments or concerns. Do not be discouraged if you can only be a once-a-month volunteer – that’s decidedly better than not wanting a single second of your life to the prisoners and their families.

As a volunteer, you will be tried for your patience, for your humility, your constancy, courage and most of all the purity of your intentions. Despite countless difficulties, you will keep on coming back to give love to prisoners, wearing your crown of thorns and hiding your wounds from the lashes received.

CONTACT Dong Henry through mobile no. 0977-814-2782 / 398-6323 for clarifications. 


Ina ng Awa Parish Multi-Purpose Hall, NBP Reservation, Muntinlupa City

Nov 10, 2019

01:00 PM-04:30 PM

Philippine Jesuit Prison Service (PJPS)

Fr. Eli Rowdy Y. Lumbo, SJ




Goal: 5

3 more volunteers needed

Event Done