Volunteers' Summit

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Volunteers' Summit

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WHAT: Philippine Jesuit Prison Service (PJPS) VOLUNTEERS' SUMMIT


WHO: Old, Current and Potential Volunteers


This whole-day activity will have two main parts:

1. PRISON EXPOSURE and INTERACTION to selected Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs) in Medium Security Camp. This is to gain consciousness on the present justices that occurs in our society and directly experience the issues hounding the prison; and

2. FORUM - there will be invited guests that will share to us their experiences as volunteers. Part of the discussion will be their high and low points in terms of their service in their respective ministries. This portion of the summit hopes to inspire and motivate us to continue volunteering especially in PJPS.

The tentative ITINERARY of the activity are as follows:

8:00am – Call Time / Welcome Snacks @ Ina ng Awa Parish (INAP) Multi-Purpose Hall

8:15am – Orientation and Briefing

8:30am - ETD for Medium Camp

9:00am – Celebration of the Holy Eucharist @ Medium Camp

10:30am – Interaction to Selected PDLs

11:30am – Solidarity Lunch

1:00pm – ETD for PJPS Office

2:00pm – Open Forum

4:00pm – Synthesis/ End of Activity

Our DEADLINE of confirmation of your attendance is on or before May 12 (for permit purposes). You may confirm through any of the following:

• CLICK going to our facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2287742604875968/

• CONTACT Mr. Gene Alolosan through Tel. No. 398-6323 / 659-0513 or email: gene.pjps@gmail.com.

Note Well:

1. For Visitors: Please refrain from bringing inside the security compound anything that is considered a contraband, such as: cellphones, cash on hand that is more than 2000 pesos, camera, laptop, electronic tablet, gun, illegal drugs, etc.

2. Bring any valid ID with photo.

3. AVOID colored shirts that are in orange, blue and brown.

4. NO wearing of sleeveless, shorts, ripped jeans and slippers.