Kythe Volunteer Orientation via Zoom Teleconference

Children & Youth | Feb 29, 2020 | Volunteer Event

Due to threat of COVID-19, patient interaction in hospital has been cancelled. The volunteer orientation will push through via ZOOM Teleconference (Online Webinar). We will email you the instruction on how to join.

If you love kids and have passion to help children with cancer and chronic illnesses, then Kythe Volunteering is for you!

Attend the Kythe Volunteer Orientation, followed by a patient interaction.

What will happen during Volunteer Orientation:
1. You will know more about Kythe Child Life Program
2. Know the guidelines in volunteering
3. Learn the basics of building rapport with patient
4. Hear inspiring stories from the cancer survivors and seasoned volunteers

What Will You Get from Kythe Volunteering
1. A meaningful time with the patients. 
2. Learn from these kids. You'll never know the wisdom they posses. 
3. Inspire hope to this children with cancer and chronic illness 

What will happen during volunteering opportunity:

The volunteers can do arts and crafts, story-telling, music and movement, games, pretend play, bedside activities, board games, puppet show, singing, drawing, painting, dancing. Any fun and learning activities to entertain or distract the children with cancer and chronic illnesses while they are in the hospital.

We are excited and looking forward for you to be part of our pool of volunteers! 

Zoom Teleconference (Online Webinar)

Feb 29, 2020

08:00 PM-10:00 PM

Kythe Foundation

Carolyn Tongco




Goal: 25

11 more volunteers needed

Event Done