Give Love, Give Blood Project

Community | Sep 21, 2019 | Volunteer Event

Give Love, Give Blood is a Blood Letting Project of our club in partnership with different organizations and RedCross Rizal Chapter, Makati Branch. This will happen on September 21, 2019 at Makati Rotary Club Foundation Inc. Bldg (MRCFI), Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City. 

Blood donation can help you ... 
1. Reduce chances of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. 
2. Reduce risk of developing cancer 
3. Burn Calories (Approx. 650 calories) 
4. Boost Self worth! 

We are looking for Blood Donors who can help us save lives!  

Just make sure you are prepared! How? 

You Must be in good health condition 
• Age: 
Minor (16-17 y/o) –Guardian’s written consent needed 
18-60 y/o – Generally acceptable to donate. 
61-65 y/o – Must’ve donated once, before 61st birthday. 

• Weight: 110 lbs. / 50 kg and above 
• Blood Pressure: 100/ 70 mmHg to 130/90 mmHg 
• Pulse Rate: 60-100 normal rhythm 
• No alcohol intake within 12-24 hours 
• Medications will be assessed by PRC Physician 
• -Have an at least 5 hours of quality sleep 
• -Eat adequate meal. Avoid fatty food 
• -Travel: 
• Malaria endemic area: (Palawan, Mindoro) 
-Stayed for 6 months and more: 1 year deferred 
-Stayed less than 6 months: 6 months deferred 
Zika endemic countries: 1 month deferred 
• Drink plenty of fluids. 
(We advise to drink 1 glass of water before donation) 
• Females with monthly period are accepted to donate if they passed the Hgb check 
• No recent tattoo/ear piercing (1 year deferral tattoo includes eyebrow, lip) 
• No cough and colds 
• No recent vaccination 
• No recent surgery 
• No wounds and mouth sores 
• Coffee and Smoking (3 hours prior) 
• Pregnant women are not allowed to donate (1-year deferral) 
• Breastfeeding 6 months after weaning period  

So, would you like to be a Hero, that would save lives? Give a gift of Life! Donate your blood! Invite your families and friends too! Together, we can make a difference! See you there! 

For more info you can contact us at 09158826013 or can message us at 

MRCFI Building, 80001 Camia, Guadalupe Viejo, Makati, Metro Manila

Sep 21, 2019

08:00 AM-03:00 PM

Rotaract Club of Makati Legaspi

PP Migs Bermido




Goal: 100

98 more volunteers needed

Event Done