KAPATID Values Formation Tutorial Session

Education | Mar 01, 2020 | Volunteer Event

Kapatid Values Formation Tutorial Session

KAPATID is one of two programs (the other one is the YAPAK Scholarship) that we have in 2KK. We spend Saturday or Sunday mornings with around 40 grade school kids each from our 3 partner communities in Payatas, Sampaloc and Smokey Mountain (120 kids total). Our YAPAK Scholar-Leaders organize these sessions with the guidance of 2KK Volunteer-Officers/Mentors/Ates/Kuyas. In 2003, sessions were purely organized by volunteers, but through the years our YAPAK Scholar-Leaders have stepped up and continued the program living up to 2KK's dream for a more empowered youth (becoming leaders of their own community).

Trivia: Most of our YAPAK Scholars-Leaders were once part of the Kapatid Program as tutees.

What makes the KAPATID Program so special?

This program was developed  to give children a holistic educational experience. Through the help of professional teachers who make the lessons/modules, we teach kids not only academics, but also the Five Loves of Kapatid or Five Kap Loves and other life lessons necessary for emotional growth and development. We, as their Ate and Kuyas, strive to make them model citizens of this country and the bright hope for its future.


For those interested to join the sessions or for other inquiries, kindly coordinate with Kuya Migi 09053948411 


Venue Location: tinyurl.com/2KKGKParadise


For Carpool/Meet-up needs, please contact Kuya Migi first to ensure that carpool/meet-up is available:

Option A: Carpool meet-up at UP Diliman Palma Hall Steps 7:30:-8:00am: tinyurl.com/2KKPalmaBack

Option B: Meet-up at LRT Blumentritt Mcdo 8:00-8:30am: tinyurl.com/2KKLRTMcdo


Website: http://www.kapwakapatid.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tulongsakapwakapatid


GK Paradise Heights, Smokey Mountain, Manila (tinyurl.com/2KKGKParadise)

Mar 01, 2020

09:00 AM-12:00 PM

2KK Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid Foundation

Migi Lapid





Goal: 15

9 more volunteers needed

Event Done