ATD Fourth World Philippines

  • 1225 Labores Street 1011 Pandacan, Manila
  • Philippines
  • Poverty Alleviation

Mission statement

Join us to fight poverty! We empower through knowledge with our street libraries, forums, workshops, art activities, and festival of learning.

<p>All Together in Dignity (ATD) Fourth World is an international non-governmental organization with no religious or political affiliation who works with individuals and institutions to find solutions to eradicate extreme poverty. Working in partnership with people in poverty, ATD Fourth World’s human rights-based approach focuses on supporting families and individuals through its grass-roots presence and involvement in disadvantaged communities, in both urban and rural areas. It creates public awareness of extreme poverty and influence policies to address it. To know more about us and what we do, visit <a href=""> </a>and <a href=""></a>. </p>

Contact Person
ALL PROGRAMS: Jennifer Rodriguez 0928 300 6609 | ANG GALING: Mae Ann Reginaldo 09425220246
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