We are passionate individuals who make volunteerism happen for the country. We all have our day jobs and are volunteers for the organization proving that we can move this country if we all come together and do our part. We embody the following values: Integrity, Professionalism, Change Leadership, Inclusivity and Nationalism.

Board of Trustees and Officers

  • Bel Padlan
  • Carissa Geronimo
  • Jasmine Salem
  • JB Tan
  • Joyce Armillo
  • Mark Badiola


We educate interested volunteers on how they can start their adventure

  • Danielle Najos
  • Jennilyn Redublo
  • Judith Apolinario
  • Kei Cadelina
  • Mark Badiola
  • Mae Eleria
  • Shorty Benzon

Community Relations

We work with other volunteer engaging organizations and build their volunteer engagement capabilities

  • Abigail Reyes
  • Bel Padlan
  • Charmaine Espinas
  • Kath Rubio


We strengthen the sustainability of the organization by creating a sustainable financial model

  • Ashley Vicente
  • Jasmine Salem

Internals and Organization Development

We take care of our internal volunteers and make sure that they are energized to enable more volunteers

  • Dana Dumaliang
  • JB Tan
  • Joyce Armillo


We take care of our technologies as key enabler for engaging volunteers with volunteer opportunities

  • Carissa Geronimo
  • Joe Palala
  • Rosselle Mabunga
  • Stephanie Rosalia
  • Suzi Bermudez

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