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A grassroots national environmental volunteers movement that campaigns for a clean, healthy, climate resilient and zero waste communities.

<p>Let’s Do It! Philippines is a nationwide civic-led grassroots movement to cleanup the entire country in one day. It aims to mobilize five million Filipinos across the nation to unite and make the grassroots action to combat illegally disposed solid waste and ocean plastics.<br><br>This civic-led mass movement got inspiration from Estonia during 2008 when 50,000 people gathered to clean up their entire country in just five hours. It is now an international movement with 113 countries working together, engaging over 11 million participants.<br><br>SEED4COM a nonprofit organization in the Philippines as the lead convener of the movement since 2014 that aims to mobilize 5million volunteers to do national day to cleanup in the Philippines every 3rd Saturday of September.<br><br>Let's do it Philippines movement got its inspiration from where it all started in Estonia in 2008 and was first introduced in the Philippines through Clean Up the Philippines movement in 2012. Dann Diez the founder of Sustainable Energy and Enterprise Development for Communities represented the Philippines in the Let’s do it American Conference 2012 in El Salvador.</p><p>In November 2014, SEED4COM hosted the 2nd Let’s do it Asian Conference and in the following year the initiator and national convener for the <a href="https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/iam5million?source=note&epa=HASHTAG">#iam5million</a> campaign for the September 20 cleanup day.</p><p><br>In January 9-11, 2o15 was the national boot camp to train 100 regional ecoleaders to start their own team, build partnerships and also conduct its own regional leadership ecocamps. Last November 22, 2017 the Let’s do it! Philippines, Inc. is now a registered movement as a non political and non profit organization whose aim to campaign for a clean, healthy, climate resilient and zero waste communities.<br><br>Objective of the Movement<br>The main objective of the <a href="https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/iam5millionph?source=note&epa=HASHTAG">#iam5millionPH</a> campaign is to have 5 percent of the entire population who are living the zero waste lifestyle or with environmental conscience and this 5percent became infectious as we grow each year through our educational advocacy, manifested in our green actions and provides economical values to those who practice it but most of all fosters community based enterprise.</p><p><br>Activities includes education and information campaign to support the RA 9003 national solid wastes act, waste mapping, establish ecology centers or Material Recovery Facilities and inventory of recyclers or junkshops, LGU and industry partners for the solid wastes collection for proper disposal and recycling/up cycling not just dumping all in the landfills.</p>