Philippine Bible Society

  • 890 United Nations Ave Ermita Manila
  • Philippines
  • Livelihood & Employment

Mission statement

OUR VISION “A Transformed Philippines through God’s Word” The BIBLE is manual to life for all Filipinos and in every Filipino home so that lives are transformed resulting in national righteousness, economic sufficiency, social peace, public justice, and God-fearing citizenry. OUR MISSION “Making the Bible Known” We exist to achieve the widest possible effective and meaningful distribution of the Holy Scriptures … in languages that people understand … in media and formats that meet people’s needs, and … at prices that people can afford providing everyone the opportunity to pray, give, volunteer and engage with the Word of God.

Our Five-Fold Ministry: 1. Scripture Engagement and Advocacy 2. Scripture Distribution and Marketing 3. Friend and Fundraising 4. Translation 5. Printing and Production

Contact Person
Abigail Hernandez
Contact Number
526 7777 loc 720