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Mission statement

The Cancer Warriors Foundation is the embodiment of a dream - that no Filipino child, especially the underprivileged ones, will suffer a diminished quality of life because of cancer.

Cancer Warrior Foundation is the living legacy of a cancer survivor and passionate volunteers who believe that no child should fight cancer alone. Funds raised go to the treatment and family assistance for poor kids with cancer. Having a child diagnosed with cancer means coming to terms with the limits of our humanity. It is learning to live day by day with numerous unanswered questions. It is learning to be brave in the midst of seemingly insurmountable odds. Having a child diagnosed with cancer is also a spiritual encounter. For some, it leads to a crisis of faith. But for others, it is accepting cancer as a gift and holding on to the belief that "God will make a way." But even more heart wrenching than the effects of cancer on the families and parents of these children are the effects of cancer on the children themselves. At an age of supposed innocence, enjoyment, and pure joy, children with cancer are faced with momentous and difficult experiences. Most often, these also come with a lot of physical pain. The Cancer Warriors Foundation is founded on the conviction that cancer can be beaten, if detected early, given proper management and care, and armed with the unwavering faith, that “God will make a way”. This was the song that sustained and inspired James during his long and difficult battle with a rare form of brain cancer. The Cancer Warriors Foundation is the fulfilment of a promise ---- a promise made by a 19 year old boy (James Auste), as he himself was battling brain cancer. A promise that every Filipino child, stricken with cancer, especially the poor and disadvantaged, will have an equal chance to conquer cancer and to avail of cancer treatments. Upon his recovery, James vowed to dedicate the rest of his life to fighting cancer, in whatever way he could. Together with a group of passionate and committed young volunteers, he found a way to make good on his promise. VISION - A WORLD WHERE NO FILIPINO CHILD WILL SUFFER A DIMINISHED QUALITY OF LIFE BECAUSE OF CANCER Mission: F acilitating increased awareness and understanding of childhood cancers, with emphasis on early detection, proper management and care. I nitiating programs and activities that will inspire cancer patients, survivors and their families, that there is hope and life, even with cancer. G enerating support and pro-active involvement of various sectors in informat

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