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Mission statement

• To provide a platform to bring together Filipino youth, in cooperation with youth organizations and key sectoral stakeholders, to align local actions and engage in strategic collaboration; • To raise awareness about the ASEAN Community and cascade its three pillars to be relevant for the youth; • To facilitate capacity building activities to gain adequate knowledge and understanding of ASEAN Community Building; • To mobilize the Filipino youth for an inclusive ASEAN youth engagement through strategic and evidence-based program planning; • To build avenues for connectivity among youth to opportunities in Southeast Asia and to cultivate shared identity among ASEAN youth fellows; and • To become effective advocates of sustainable development and enable meaningful youth participation in youth-related policies

The ASEAN Youth Leaders’ Association (AYLA) is a network of young people across Southeast Asia aiming to promote an inclusive and empowered youth participation towards ASEAN community building and achieve a better understanding of sustainable development, regional solidarity, and the ASEAN identity. AYLA has been established in seven-member states, garnering a dynamic network of young trailblazers, representing different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. It provides the youth a profound platform to experience and give in-depth learning on ASEAN to celebrate and to welcome the exciting ASEAN One Community by being involved in several advocacies and projects, ranging from humanitarian efforts to cultural exchanges and leadership camps, in its commitment for youth development.