Permaculture Sustainability Development Organization, Inc.

  • #35 Purok 2 Happy Hollow, Baguio City 2600
  • Philippines
  • Environment & Sustainability

Mission statement

To gather groups of marginalized men and women to live and work in pieces of agricultural lands in a selfsustainable manner and in the spirit of brotherly love. We focus on: People - Government and private sector providing opportunities for the urban poor, facilitated by PSDI Environment - The urban poor provided housing and livelihood in an environmentfriendly manner Resources - Use of permaculture philosophy and private companies’ support to promote self-sustainability Management - Responsible stewardship of natural and financial resources entrusted to us Agriculture - Farming is the core business of self-sustainable communities Sustainability - Self-sustainability in providing a solution to poverty PEOPLE. HOUSING. FEEDING. TEACHING. FARMING. SUSTAINABILITY

Our First Project • A 1,500 sq.m. lot in Baguio City • 2 paroled prisoners as initial beneficiaries • Detailed Site Development Plan completed December 19 • Initial feeding program while planting crops • In contact with Cabiokid Foundation (first permaculture farm in the Philippines) for guidance and education • 5 PSDO members had undergone a Permaculture Design Certification Course How Can You Participate? Financing of Residential Houses and Bed & Breakfast with bamboo as construction material, with solar power • Construction of Water Tank. PHP 20,000 • Feeding Program for beneficiaries (2 paroled prisoners) for initial Six Months (PHP 30,000) prior to becoming selfsustainable • Subsidy is only required until the state of self-sustainability is attained.

Contact Person
Hilbert Cardenas
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