A Million Voices Philippines (AMV) Inc.


  • Room 210, 1153 De Villa Bldg. M.H. del Pilar st. Ermita
  • Philippines
  • Education

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Mission statement

Giving a Voice to the Millions Silenced by Poverty

A Million Voices (AMV) is a Norwegian non-governmental, non-religious and non-political organization. Donations derive from private individuals, scholarship sponsors, fundraising activities, and corporate partners. Within Manila, the organization has narrowed down its current targeted project areas to: a. Baseco, Port Area b. Ermita/Malate, Manila The project areas are chosen based on own field work and studies conducted by the Philippine government and independent institutions. Local ownership and involvement is one of the keys to project success, and this is an area in which we focus greatly. The organization follows a contribution policy, where the beneficiaries have their own set of responsibilities in order to part-take in any project, and thus making it more of a collaboration. At the same time, we are purely in-kind and service based; and thereby, AMV has no cash disbursements to any of the beneficiaries. One of our primary concerns is to contribute to enhanced self-confidence and capacity building among the beneficiaries to ensure sustainability and avoid dependability.