MiAmore House of Care (MiAmore Cares)

  • Lot 1, Block 7, Jewel Street, GREENVALE 1, Marcelo Green, Paranaque City PHILIPPINES
  • Philippines
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Mission statement

A WORLD in which all our ELDERS can achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH and that they LIVE with DIGNITY, thus protecting their rights for a SAFE and SECURE QUALITY LIFE. We also vision our elders as great contributors that can maintain and uphold leadership in a very honorable and dynamic way to the YOUNGER GENERATIONS. Hence, with the support of the whole community which includes the CHILDREN in our society, our elderlies understand how they are empowered and can still contribute even at the last phase of their life, knowing their right to equal opportunity, knowing their right to healthcare, their right to social services, and their right of economic security.

MiAmore is an organization with the aim and mission that focuses on the implications of aging and their need for quality care; thus this include educating and training them the HOLISTIC LIFE SKILLS for SELF CARE and to make them aware of their right as old people. Training of their family members (as their main and primary caregivers) and/or health care workers (including nurses, nurse assistants), caregivers and caretakers for the elderly will also be involved as part of our services and programs. MiAmore believes of the strong bond between grandparents and grandchildren. Thus, MiAmore Cares acknowledge the importance of this close and cherished relationship of the elders with the CHILDREN. So, as part of our advocacy, we INCLUDE CHILDREN as part of our main recipients of our mission. Our mission also include: -Protection of the rights of the elderly people in the society in terms of their health, their safety and security, and their economic needs; -Availability of Counseling and Support Services for the Elderlies and their Family; -Availability and Access to Recreational Facilities for the Elderlies; -Design and create events that would promote awareness of aging and their needs; -Livelihood Programs for the Elderlies and their families for economic security; -Providers of quality nursing / caregiving services to the elderlies both in local and global settings; -Consultancy and providers of additional training for primary (family members) and secondary caregivers (health care workers, nurses, caregivers) for update/ enhancing and upgrading their skills for elderly care; and to be globally competent; -Research and development for finding technological and scientific solutions to lessen the problems faced by the elderly population and to improve their quality of life. -Designing and development of enabling devices, designs of homes, use of ICT in networking, recreation and entertainment, health and diet/ nutrition. -Conceptualization and implementation of innovative programs and projects for sustainable funds to help our organization achieve its goals and missions. -Work in partnership with the same like-minded organizations from both local and international domains. 

Contact Person
Rossana Mijares - President; Bing Racadio - Corporate Secretary
Contact Number
Ross - +639209795685; Bing - +886917096522