Proud Filipino Soldiers Inc.

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Mission statement

To serve as a messenger, storyteller of life and journey of our heroic soldier - their patriotism, sacrifice to Motherland as well as their chosen memories and happiness. To promote the well being of our soldiers, boost their moral and continuously provide updates, news and useful information to their dependents and to the whole community. To conduct community outreach, civic action programs and relief aids to AFP dependents and communities across the country.

<p>ABOUT US: The Group was first created on FACEBOOK as a Page on January 04, 2014 by some uniformed personnel’s of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) together with few civilian personnel’s and registered on Securities and Exchange Commission on March 17, 2016. The group is running without funds neither solicits in any form from any government or agencies nor entities. This is a Non Profit, Non Government Organization (NGO) and not a branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Its main priority/goals is to boost the morale of our soldiers, provides updated news about the situations in the Armed Forces as well as its families and dependents whenever possible. Part of the objectives and mission of the group include public service by means of conducting civic actions, medical missions, feeding programs, community outreach, tree planting, blood Letting, disaster relief assistance and so more..., So far, the group has earned more than 39,000 likes on its Facebook Page and continuously growing. VISION: To be a mirror and reflection of our professional soldiers with concurrent view of the changes of thrive to the modernizing Armed Forces of the Philippines. A showcase of how important of our soldier is. The true inclination of our Motherland! That even in war and chaos, our soldiers is still united and high moral. To be a well known organization earned through public trust and respect by way of service and volunteerism. A side to side partner of the Armed forces of the Philippines in all its programs and activities.</p>