Growing Seeds of Christ

  • UP Parish Church
  • Philippines
  • Children & Youth

Mission statement

GSC was founded by Ms. Asuncion C. Villacarlos on 1988. One of the core spirits of GSC deals with the spirituality of servanthood and on a mission of caring the brothers/sisters. GSC is accepting donations and seeking for sponsors for its weekend feeding program with the children.

<p>Hello, friends! <br><br>The Growing Seeds of Christ (GSC) Choir can be seen this October at the UP Parish Church on the following schedules: <br><br>Saturdays (12:00 NN - UP Parish Church)<br>Sundays (12:15 PM - UP Parish Church) <br><br>GSC needs sponsors for the lunch, fare, and uniform of the kids who are members of the choir. To make this mission possible, we humbly ask for your help by pledging any amount or whatever help you want to extend. You can also pledge other donations such as toys, books, or other goodies for our feeding and scholarship missions. <br><br>For further inquiries, you may message us in our Facebook page:</p>

Contact Person
Maria Isabel B. Aguilar
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