Balik Bahay Kubo Movement


  • Pacita 3-B Blk 7 Lot 3 Binan Laguna 4024
  • Philippines
  • Environment & Sustainability

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Mission statement

We create model CSA-DIOS farms that demonstrate sustainable production of quality and safe food, enough for 10 families per hectare of area.

Compared to our Asian neighbors, RP's food production costs are relatively high, because most production inputs are imported. Poor farmers are getting poorer, losing the next generation farmers and losing their farms. Just look around the country side and notice the many unattended, idle, denuded or unproductive farmlands for more than half of each year. Through economies of scale, only the big players and corporations are thriving. Sadly however, chemical agriculture and factory-farming technologies are feeding our people with unsafe food. BALIK BAHAY KUBO is an advocacy for community-supported agriculture CSA, diversified-integrated-organic sustainable DIOS natural farming, and agri-engineering/ permaculture design. Promoted among the idealistic NextGen Farmers, especially the youth and young professionals - the system includes the integration of livestock and poultry into a wide diversity of plants and trees in the same growing area. The movement will also help solve the world's most pressing problems of today-- food poverty, water shortage, energy crisis, health risks, environmental degradation and climate change. For more info, please go to facebook page “Balik Bahay Kbo”