Humanist Alliance Philippines, International

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Mission statement

(1) To effectively spread secular humanism; (2) To inspire the Filipino people to practice and share the same vision — that only people can help other people and only humanity can save humanity; (3) To ensure the separation of church and state so as to end religious privilege in the Philippines; (4) To work in harmony with any institution — religious or non-religious — for the betterment of humanity; (5) To stand for equal rights of all human beings through peaceful dialogue, not restricted by political doctrine or religious dogma; (6) To help those in true and serious need for support regardless of political ideology, religious belief or lack thereof; (7) To promote science, logic and empathy as humankind's guiding light towards morality and evolution; and (8) To expose and challenge the inequalities brought about by religion and politics that continue to needlessly divide humankind

HAPI is a SEC-registered, non-profit and non-government organization of Filipino secular humanists from different sectors with common goals for the good of humanity.

Contact Person
McJarwin Cayacap
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