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  • Philippines
  • Human Rights & Justice

Mission statement

We focus on the five Ps: 1) Protection- to protect the rights and dignity of women and men who are involved in human trafficking for sexual exploitation. 2) Prevention- raising awareness in speaking engagements and to provide preventative measures that will help women understand their identity, value and self worth. 3) Partnerships- to seek out victims of human trafficking and connect them with support premised on biblical principles of love, mercy and grace and to collaborate, engage in dialogue and partner with other national stakeholders and agencies that directly or indirectly have a passion to help victims of human trafficking 4) Prosecution- to advocate changes and support upcoming policies that directly or indirectly have an impact on seeing human trafficking eradicated in Canada. 5) Prayer- see passionate individuals take a stance in seeing human trafficking end through prayer.

Our purpose is to be an active voice and advocate of justice for women and men who are victimized by human trafficking and sexual exploitation; to further assist them in finding the necessary support that will aid them in their journey of safety, freedom, healing and restoration.

Contact Person
Janelle Tabangcura
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