A-HA! Learning Center


  • 9708 C Pililia St Brgy Valenzuela
  • Philippines
  • Children & Youth

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Mission statement

To empower public school children to believe that they can do anything transform communities through after school programs

<div> <div>A-HA! Learning Center, a project of <strong>Commodore Jose Francisco Foundation</strong>, serves public schools and communities in Makati City. Our center targets children from grades 1 to 10, and has serviced around 2,500 students in the last nine years. Our program also prides itself in creating high end private school level materials for public school children not only to help them improve in their academics, but to build them up as resilient and independent thinkers. By having the skillset and perspective to become competitive in the 21st century market, each A-HA! student becomes a leader who can make meaningful change in their community.</div>   <div>At the core of A-HA! is our Catholic faith. A-HA! stands for “Angels here abound,” and speaks of finding a heaven amongst the people we serve. Jesus Christ dedicated his life in service to the marginalized - these “angels” amongst us. Jesus saw that we were all created in His father’s image and likeness, and that we had the capacity to become the best versions of ourselves. Jesus’s teachings are our program’s soul. Our logo is a lightbulb, signifying both Jesus as the light of our lives, and the capacity of each member of our community to become a light for others.</div> </div>