Alumni of The Sisters of Mary School, Inc (ASMSI)

  • Biga II Silang Cavite
  • Philippines
  • Community Development

Mission statement

1. To promote the Marian virtues of simplicity, generosity, gratitude, and joy among graduates in fostering unity and camaraderie; 2. To help develop and enhance one's potentials through activities leading to competence and life-long skills; 3. To support the Alma Mater in sustaining her mission to the poor; 4. To establish an effective communication system and comprehensive database; 5. To provide appropriate assistance to the graduates as the need arises; and 6. To actively participate in socio-economic upliftment for God and fellowmen.

ASMSI is an organization for the graduates of The Sisters of Mary Schools in the Philippines. The organization, either as a whole or by batch of graduates or any group of the organization, organized volunteer work either for the benefit of the Sisters of Mary Schools and Brothers of Christ or for other organizations. We are hoping that we can use this platform for seeking volunteers and help in those activities. Thank you.

Contact Person
Gilbert Evangelista
Contact Number