Yellow Warriors Society Philippines

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  • Philippines
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Mission statement

The Yellow Warriors Society Philippines is a nationwide, community based, voluntary health organization dedicated to promote a healthy and productive society by fighting Hepatitis B and C as a major health problem in the Philippines through prevention of hepatitis B and C Virus, crashing all forms of discrimination upon hepatitis B and C carriers, and diminishing suffering from it through advocacy, research, education, and service.

<div>Yellow Warriors Society Philippines is a voting member of World Hepatitis Alliance and an affiliate of Coalition to Eradicate Viral Hepatitis in Asia Pacific. It is also a member of Philippine Alliance of Patient Organisations. Viral hepatitis has been placed on the sustainable development goals by the World Health Organizaton which aims to to eradicate viral hepatitis by 2030. In order to achieve this goal, Yellow Warriors Society Philippines will continiue its advocacy by engaging with different sectors particularly the government sector. With this years theme for July World Hepatitis Day "Finding the Missing Millions", YWSP aims to do more projects with local governments to increase awareness and educate the public what viral hepatitis is all about. Continuous education through social media is also one of the ways where we hope we can reach the public. YWSP work does not stop through awareness but also does counselling and helps persons in need to navigate the government system. YWSP has tied up with doctors, diagnostic clinics and pharmaceuticals for its linkage to care program. We believe this progarm will be another avenue that will help us reach our goals.  </div>