• Barangay Forbes, Makati City
  • Philippines
  • Education

Mission statement

We want to show the world another way. A way where a company like HOPE can be as big, as professional, and as profitable as any multinational company, but instead of making a few people rich, we measure our bottom line by how much we improve our country. A MORE POWERFUL bottom line. We are a private company in the business of PUBLIC SERVICE. We do it better... BUSINESS FOR GOOD.

<div><a href="">HOPE</a> is the 1st Philippine company to donate 100% of its profits to the building of public school classrooms.</div> <div> </div> <div>Launched in 2012, our mission was simple, to allow Filipinos to choose another way – to vote with their peso about what was important to them.<br /> <br /> Today we have built classrooms across the country and work closely with donors, brand partners, and retailers, who like us, believe in the power of Business for Good. </div>

Contact Person
Micaela P. Agoncillo
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