Anoling High School

  • Bgry Anoling, Pinamalayan Oriental Mindoro 5208
  • Philippines
  • Education

Mission statement

We are the 21st Century Teachers who are mandated to meet the demands of the 21st Century Skills, passionate to deliver the Deped Mission -Vision, and ultimately to inspire learners to become the next leaders of the country.

<div>Anoling High School is a small institution located at Bgry Anoling, Pinamalayan Oriental Mindoro 5208. Despite being small, it has remarkable feats from academic to exra currilcular activities. Declared as Zero OSY school in the community, ranked 2nd in the whole division, 2014 NAT, Best School to School Implementer and a national awardee in the feld of journalism.</div> <div> </div> <div>Through the collaborative effort of the stakeholders, students, NGOs and private individuals and the faculty - Anoling HS became one of the top performing schools in the division,</div>