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Kaibigan Foundation commits to support and provide opportunities for urban poor children at-risk and their parents in Manila through delivery of development services that promote full participation towards empowerment and productivity

<div> <div>Kaibigan Ermita Outreach Foundation, Inc. is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization – fully registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development, and the Philippine Council for NGO Certification – working with at-risk children and their families in the urban poor communities in the District V of Manila.</div> <div>Founded in 1986, Kaibigan has more than three decades of experience in caring for disadvantaged children and their parents through its programs and services. The organization envisions communities in which poor children and their families are empowered, productive, and responsible members of society. Our mission is to support and provide opportunities for urban poor at-risk children and their parents in Manila through delivery of developmental services that promote full participation towards empowerment and productivity. We aim to equip children and parents with proper knowledge and appropriate skills to address individual, family and community needs to act on social issues that affect their lives through their full participation and partnership with government organizations, non-governmental organizations and the private sector.</div> <div>Kaibigan use community organization to empower children and parents to organize themselves and develop alternative opportunities to access basic social services. This strategy is embedded in the organization’s programs and services.</div> <div> <div>The Community Organization Program (COP) aims to raise awareness of individuals on major issues such as children’s rights and to encourage them to believe that they can do something to influence and improve the conditions in which they live. The program also stimulates indigenous leadership and helps parents and children to access internal and external resources to meet individual, family and community needs. The program have a poverty alleviation component which aims at generating additional income for the family to improve the family’s economic condition so that parents could better provide their children’s needs.</div> </div> <div>The Children’s Development Program (CDP) provides support to both formal and non-formal education of 400 children each year. Today, hundreds of successful graduates are now supporting their respective families and communities.</div> </div>

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