Project BiyaHero


  • 35C A. Mabini St. Tuktukan, Taguig City
  • Philippines
  • Volunteerism

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Mission statement

To travel and create meaningful stories with different people from different places in the Philippines and inspire others to travel responsibly and become a catalyst for change towards inclusive growth through tourism

We are a nonprofit organization promoting sustainable tourism in the Philippines by

  • organizing local tours to promote world-class tourist destinations, Filipino values, arts, traditions and cultural diversity and create meaningful stories to encourage local and foreign tourists to visit, discover and know more about the Philippines
  • raising awareness on responsible and safe traveling practices
  • conducting fundraising and donation drive activities and partner with government agencies and private sector to help address sustainability issues and improve the lives of underserved communities in different tourist destinations through various causes

We envision to be a partner for sustainable tourism in the Philippines.