Coalition of Services of the Elderly, Inc.

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Mission statement

To work with older persons, especially the poor and marginalized, in upholding their rights while respecting cultural diversity, nurturing their potentials, recognizing them as a significant sector and ensuring their participation in matters affecting their lives.

Founded in 1989, the Coalition of Services of the Elderly, Inc. (COSE) bases its mission on the tradition of respecting older persons and supporting community-based programs. COSE assists older persons to continue living in their communities and contributing to the lives of others. 

COSE has been working with older persons for 29 years, this has led the organizing of older persons and formation of Older Persons Organizations (OPOs) in the country since 1990. At present, COSE has organized 500 OPOs in 18 provinces (62 cities/municipalities) in the country. These OPOs were federated based on geographical location and were confederated in 2006 into what is known as Confederation of Older Persons’ Associations of the Philippines (COPAP), a partner of COSE in program works such as advocacy and organizing of older person’s groups.

COSE, together with COPAP were instrumental in the passage of older person’s laws such as Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2004 and 2010, (Republic Acts 9257 and 9994), respectively, which grant additional benefits and entitlements to senior citizens, and the institutionalization of social pension in the country which provides a P500 monthly stipend for indigent senior citizens. It has also succeeded in its campaign for the mandatory universal health coverage for the older persons through PhilHealth.

COSE is working closely with different stakeholders in the society including National Government Agencies, Local Government Units (LGUs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Older Persons Organizations to ensure that older persons are claiming their rights and entitlements through advocacy on older person-friendly policies and formation of Community-Based Programs of the Elderly (CBPE).

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Faye Arevalo / Emily Beridico
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