Feeding Change Philippines

  • 9104 La Banda Street, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City 1212
  • Philippines
  • Volunteerism

Mission statement

To improve the way of life in the Philippines by bringing all people together to feed change.

<h3>Formally founded on April 2018 by Lhanz Barcenas after working in Cambodia for two years for an International Tour and Volunteering Company when he went back to the Philippines. It all started when he organized an outreach program in Sagada during his Christmas holiday vacation in the Philippines. On that very first event, many of his foreign and local friends supported him. He then realized that there are many people in the Philippines who would like to help but they don't know how. And because of that, he continued organizing different outreach programs. Successful events were in Sagada, Marikina, Tondo, Payatas and Zambales.</h3>