Juan Portrait

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Mission statement

USE PHOTOGRAPHY AS A PLATFORM... To help recognize, formalize, and preserve identities of people in communities with little to no access to such services and technology. To empower individuals, particularly young students, in remote areas by providing them with skills to document and responsibly share the uniqueness of their people, environment, culture, and heritage. To capture and showcase the story of the Filipino through visual narratives .

<h2><strong>We are Juan Portrait... </strong></h2><p><strong>A community of volunteers bonded by a collective drive to take action and give back to communities across the country through photography.</strong></p><p><strong>Through our core projects, we strive to capture, help develop, and make known the Filipino identity.</strong></p><h2><strong>Our Vision</strong></h2><p><strong>Taking Pictures. Giving Back.  Capturing the Filipino Spirit.</strong></p>