Pasay Pups

  • Barangay 148, Pasay City
  • Philippines
  • Animal Welfare

Mission statement

Pasay Pups has programs for animals and for children. Animal care: To enable the people in our communities to be able to better care for their animals, to reduce the companion animal population and the risk of rabies in the area, and to improve the lives of these cats and dogs. Kids' Program: To provide the children who call Sarhento Mariano cemetery home with a positive space where they can learn, be happy and confident, and just be kids. The program develops the children’s skills in art, writing, math and reading. Our goal is to inspire the kids to dream, find their passion, become independent, be happy, show compassion and become a better person. **Please note: Pasay Pups is a community organization, and does not have an animal shelter, formal classroom, or office. We work directly in our beneficiary community.

<p><strong>Volunteer roles:</strong></p><p><i>Animal care</i>: Volunteers walk and bathe dogs, engage them in playtime, clean and wash dishes, prepare food, and feed animals. </p><p><i>Kids' Program</i>: Volunteers provide the children with attention and affection, and assist the children in their lessons in reading, writing, math, and art.</p>

Contact Person
Ashley Fruno
Contact Number