Project EDSA

  • M-5 Prince Tower Condominium, Tordesillas cor. Bautista St., Salcedo Village, Bel-Air, Makati Ctiy
  • Philippines
  • Children & Youth

Mission statement

We believe that peace, security and respect for human dignity are inseparable. Our mission is to build hope and empower communities affected by armed conflict and severe poverty. Our goal is to develop programs as sustainable models that can be replicated globally.

The Asia America Initiative (AAI) is a non-profit charitable and educational organization dedicated to promoting humanitarian ideals, providing direct assistance to impoverished communities plagued by violence and mediating in conflict-plagued areas throughout the Asia-Pacific region. AAI combines model humanitarian field programs with traditional policy forums to assist in finding solutions. This unique experience-based approach serves as a bridge between common people and international leaders. AAI operations are rooted in the belief that international security and internationally recognized human rights are inseparable. Therefore, victory over terrorists and other violent movements requires the foresight to provide humanitarian assistance in at-risk, impoverished communities. As a catalyst for policy innovation, AAI’s field programs deliver direct aid to populations targeted by terrorist recruitment. In the Philippines, the Initiative is networking private humanitarian and educational organizations in support of the peace process in Muslim Mindanao. These grassroots efforts are intended to enhance the quality of life; reinforce opportunities for men and women, provide alternatives to conflict and to deny militant networks the ability to recruit.

Contact Person
Ralph Samson
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