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Mission statement

MapBeks aims to represent the underrepresented on various mapping platforms. Provide digital and geospatial support to various emerging communities.

MapBeks is an online LGBT mapping community, based in the Philippines, that advocates for diversity inclusion and representation focused specifically for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, etc. (LGBTQI+) on OpenStreetMap.


Current Projects:

  1. Mapping of LGBTQ friendly spaces in the Philippines - In an attempt to assert LGBT rights and representation, MapBeks maps out nominated LGBT safe spaces on QueerMap by qiekub. MapBeks validates the submitted places by calling space owners, and securing a memorandum of agreement to protect all individuals in any form of discrimination. The group then uploads it to OSM afterwards.
  2. HIV facilities mapping in the Philippines
  3. UNMAPPEDPH - an ongoing project that aims to map the most unmapped towns on OSM in the Philippines.
  4. MapBeks' Stories and Stories of Discrimination and Bullying - a project in partnership with Mental Health AWhereness that attempts to map out experiences related to being an LGBT.

Contact Person
Mikko Tamura
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