The National Federation of Co-operatives of Persons with Disability

  • 16 Yakal, St. Anthony Subd. Cainta, Rizal
  • Philippines
  • Education

Mission statement

The leading provider of livelihood support to Persons with Disability (PWD) and PWD Cooperatives using the cooperative approach (i.e. ensuring participation in the governance, ownership and benefits of the Federation) to deliver programs and services in the most efficient, effective, and empowering way.

The NFCPWD was organized in 1998 to provide business development support and services to PWD co-ops and to promote co-ops as an alternative vehicle for PWD empowerment and socio-economic progress. Originally starting with 5 primary member co-ops, the Federation has grown to include 14 primary co-ops which consists of over 1,000 individual members. NFCPWD is a secondary co-operative entirely owned by the member co-operatives and staffed by physically disabled persons. The Federation was instrumental in the formulation and passing of a Special Provision in the Philippine General Appropriations Act (GAA) which reserves 10% of the Department of Education's budget for the purchase of desks and armchairs to be supplied by co-operatives of persons with disability. The Federation bids on the contract each year and, if successful, subcontracts with the primary co-ops, and lends start up and working capital which it accesses from funding partners and banks. The contract has been worth as much as 90 Million PHP. This has been the major source of income for the cooperatives and the Federation. At the same time the Federation provides training to co-operatives on governance, managerial and technical skills, and health and safety practices so that they can participate in the DepEd contract and provide value to their members.

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Rose Carillo
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