The Playhouse Project

  • 2396 Leon Guinto St, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila
  • Philippines
  • Children & Youth

Mission statement

The Playhouse Project aims to continue its mission to provide aid for kids who were forced by circumstances to take a break from their education. The Playhouse Project aims to protect their right to education through continuing their learning experiences in their own homes. Through this initiative, we hope to create an impact and spread awareness about the importance of education and how people can help the youth in attaining their right for education.

Our team has recognized the need to assist and support the public school children who are experiencing difficulties in terms of continuing their learning experiences in their own homes. Thus, we launched The Playhouse Project.  With this, we are using social media platforms to perform an advocacy campaign and fundraising activity for our main beneficiaries. Our main goal includes distributing grocery kits, art/school materials, and learning modules to kids of different communities. We have successfully conducted 12 waves of donation drives and helped around 600 families around the Philippines last 2020. This 2021, we are planning to expand the reach of our organization and launch more projects aside from donation drives.