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Working together to transform communities towards holistic development through technology

Going Above and Beyond

A&B Philippines roots back to the birth of two children, Baby A and B, who were deprived of life due to the unavailability of medical equipment and technologies here in the Philippines. Two children who deserve to experience quality education, life opportunities, and modern means of living. Two children who did not have the chance to fulfill their childhood dreams.  

Driven by the desire of the parents of babies A and B to fulfill one of the most common childhood dreams of all children, which is to become superheroes, for his twins, and by the desire to provide better opportunities and access to technology for families, the founders envision a collaborative workspace for growth-minded individuals to design and execute innovative and sustainable solutions for multifaceted problems of communities, especially of poverty-stricken families. This vision is highly aligned with the advocacy of our founder to engineer sustainable solutions, and to share with people the importance of sustainable thinking.

A&B Philippines’ main purpose is to provide poverty-stricken families and communities better opportunities and access to modern technologies by creating socially impactful and sustainable projects and programs that will be done through active idea generation, project management, and collaboration. 

We, as an organization, will be the connection to those who missed their opportunities, the guiding light to those who needed, and the source for people to reach their goals and aspirations. We as an organization will capitalize on our individual uniqueness and capabilities, and our collective synergy in order to create socially-relevant and impactful projects and programs through project management. And we as an organization, will empower our members to think sustainably, work efficiently and effectively, collaborate with other existing organizations, network extensively, and create social impact through small collective actions.

Through the use of technology, creation of rapport-building activities, execution of skill developing activities and regular mentorship sessions with organization officers and professional partners, and provision of a website and a repository of project management tools and documents, we will create an online collaborative workspace where members and volunteers can freely generate and execute ingenuine ideas.   

Through our IDEAL framework (Identify - Design - Execute - Assess - Learn), we will transform the ideas from our collaborative workspace to effective projects and programs to achieve our goals. We will use project management tools to ensure timely and cost-effective execution and implementation of projects and programs. And we will integrate a feedback loop for every activity performed by the organization to incorporate continuous improvement across all elements of our organization. 

The IDEAL framework is designed to provide our volunteers a simple yet guided methodology on how to create sustainable and effective projects. This framework is designed not only to create ideas and to effectively manage the execution of plans, but also to provide and improve project management templates for every kind of program or project that will be produced by our organization.

To complement our collaborative workspace and IDEAL framework intended to maximize the effectiveness and impact of our projects and programs, as well as our team performance, we as an organization will continuously seek partnerships with other groups or individuals of different fields of expertise. We as an organization will seize the opportunity to connect and manage entities with specific areas of expertise in order to achieve significantly better results and social impact by capitalizing on the synergy resulting from the collaboration of these groups.