International Coastal Clean Up


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To promote and protect our coasts and waterways, to inspire changes in the behavior towards marine debris and bring about a stronger alliance for trash free seas.

<p>Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) is the world's largest volunteer effort for ocean's health. Held every third Saturday of September of each year , thousands of volunteers from around the globe participate, clearing tons of trash from coastlines, rivers and lakes and recording every piece of trash collected. In 2012 ICC, 561,633 volunteers from 98 countries and locations picked up more than 10 million pounds of marine debris and covered 17,719 miles of beaches, waterways and underwater areas. Over the the past 25 years, nearly 9 million volunteers from 152 countries and locations have shown their enduring alliance for a trash free seas. Objectives: To engage people to remove trash and debris from beaches, waterways and other water bodies To identify the sources of debris To change behaviors that cause pollution To raise awareness on the extent of the marine debris problem To aid in better-informed policy decisions and improved solid waste management programs</p>