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Diving into the seas of opportunities for the people, planet, and the Philippines.

DYESABEL Inc. has 5 key advocacies: (1) Education and Training, (2) Sustainable Livelihood, (3) Research and Innovation, (4) Good Governance, and (5) Culture and Arts. Since 2018, it has 3 major transformations. First transformation was last June 5, 2018 during the #WorldEnvironmentDay with the theme #BeatPlasticPollution, when the founder saw the Bajaus diving into the sea full of plastics. He initiated a simple project called "Project Dyesable" where it aims to give DYES (Php 10) to the kids in exchange for them to pick up the trashes at the sea for them to be ABLE to serve the environment. Their gesture as well symbolizes like a mermaid name “Dyesabel,” a Filipino mermaid in a known television series in the Philippines. Second transformation was when we realized that incentivizing kids to pick up trashes is a band-aid solution to a systemic problem. This was the reason why "Dyesable" became "Dyesabel", a Bajau mermaid who became a human to advocate and communicate the state of our ocean to the people. We heightened our educational campaigns to coastal communities through storytelling for kids and a dialogue-fora with their parents/elders to compliment the learning with each other.

Given that environmental challenges are a systemic concern, we decided to co-create the organization as a Bajau-and-youth-led organization to allow our sea indigenous peoples "Sama Dilaut" or Bajaus and the youth to participate and lead in mainstreaming inclusivity in environmental conservation efforts. DYESABEL Inc. is now officially a SEC registered last April 2021.