Manto Nin Pagkamoot Children's Foundation, Inc.

  • 445 Dimasalang St. Naga City
  • Philippines
  • Children & Youth

Mission statement

The “Manto nin Pagkamoot” Children’s Foundation, Inc., is committed to : Give the orphans opportunities to live and grow in a quasi-family they can call their own; Innovate learning programs and provide relevant education for the orphans to prepare them for life; Volunteer time, talent, and treasure in affording livelihood for the less fortunate parents and persons with disabilities (PWD), and form them to become able and responsible persons; and Extend our hands to share with lay people opportunities for charity works.

Is a non-stock, non-profit organization whose vision is the “Fullness of Life of the Orphans and the less fortunate Children.” The Foundation dreams to provide them a home and opportunities for life. It also wishes to share with us, blessed by the Lord, opportunities to share with those who are in need. The Manto nin Pagkamoot (Mantle of Love) Children’s Foundation, Inc., a duly recognized foundation by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) with Registration No. CN201329336, has acquired a one-hectare land (and reserves another hectare for future expansion) at Barangay Pacol, Naga City, to develop a children’s village to house the orphans and livelihood programs for the less fortunate brothers and sisters. The “Adopt-A-Tree” project is part of an initial and long-term fund-raising program to help attain our dreams for these less fortunate children. At the same time, we also commit ourselves to help restore nature/creation by planting trees within the proposed site of the children’s village.

Contact Person
Fr. Jose Alan V. Dialogo
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