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Mission statement

The goal of Exponential Wealth Consultancy is to create a massive middle class by helping them invest for the future. Exponential Wealth Consultancy believes that planting trees will be a very profitable endeavor and can create financial freedom.

Exponential Wealth Consultancy has a vision to create a massive middle class in the Philippines.As of now, it is the pioneer in offering investment yield as high as P117,000 per month for an investment of P1,000 per month in 40 years time. Aside from building a massive middle class,it also cares for the environment making it suitable to be called a social entrepreneurship venture. 1. Exponential Wealth Consultancy aims to be no. 1 to plant dwarf coco trees in the Philippines Exponential Wealth Consultancy chose the dwarf coco tree to be plant because it is low maintenance crop. As of the moment in May 2014, 25 dwarf coco trees were planted. The aim this year is 100 coco trees to be planted. by 2020,1000 planted coco trees will be our short term goal and 1,000 coco tree year after year. In 2030, there will be 10,000 coco trees. In 2040, there will be 20,000 planted coco trees. This will translate in an income of P 20M/year for 20,000 coco trees. 2. Exponential Wealth Consultancy aims to be no. 1 to development massive hectares of land in the Philippines As of the moment, 100 ha are available for planting dwarf coco tree. In the future, a massive buying of agricultural land will occur. As an estimated value, 1 hectare of agricultural land will be worth P 1 Million pesos.For 1 hectare of land, 1000 coco trees can be planted. After 5 years, the coco tree will start bearing fruit every 3 months or every quarter. Potential income for 1 hectare is P1M/year. Also, the valuation of land after five years will be worth P 20M. 3. Exponential Wealth Consultancy aims to be no. 1 to provider of consultancy services for value creation of agricultural land in the Philippines Exponential Wealth Consultancy by means of its technology and equipment will create value for agricultural lands. This will make the value of land 20 times higher after 5 years of development. The future of Exponential Wealth Consultancy is indeed very promising.Also, 100 hectares land is under its portfolio as of today and if fully development, it will create a value of P 2 Billion after 5 years. Interested in Exponential Wealth Consultancy please email at: exponentialwealthconsultancy@gmail.com

Contact Person
Engr. Edgar Caburatan Carrillo II
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