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Mission statement

Our Mission: To create sustainable programs that faithfully respond to the learning needs of the underprivileged Filipino youth | Our Vision: A community of volunteers working together to empower the underprivileged youth by providing opportunities to enrich their education

Who We Are

2KK Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid Foundation is a volunteer organization with a mission to empower less-privileged youth through education. To be part of the organization is "to help our fellow brothers and sisters.” 2KK was founded in the spirit of helping one another through kindness and love.

After a landslide in Payatas, the largest dumpsite in Metro Manila, hit the community living in the area in 2003, a group of teenagers set out to see how they could help. Gathering the young children in the community, the group would carry out activities such as games, song and dance, and tutoring. Over the years, the volunteers and community members formed a bond, and since then, charitable activities have answered community needs, their highest priority being education.


What We Do

Kapatid Program (Virtual set-up - KAPeSKWELA)

Kapatid is the educational arm of 2KK. It focuses on organizing activities for over 120 children (an average of 40 children per community) in our partner communities in Payatas, Sampaloc and Smokey Mountain. The Kapatid sessions are held weekly and its primary focus is teaching values formation through our 6 Kap Loves. 

YAPAK Program

YAPAK (Yaman ang Pag-aralin ang Kabataan) is the scholarship arm of 2KK. It focuses on empowering the youth from our partner communities; we call our scholars YAPAK Leaders to emphasize their role of being leaders in their own communities. Through the generosity of fellow Filipinos, the program aims to help the scholars receive the education they deserve in order to create a brighter future for themselves, their families and ultimately, the nation. Moreover, the program provides numerous opportunities and mentoring to our YAPAK Leaders for their holistic development.


What We Live By

Living by Saint Mother Teresa's words, 2KK formed a strong relationship with the Payatas community, lasting for over 18 years. Our reach has since then expanded to new communities in Sampaloc and Smokey Mountain.


- Saint Mother Teresa


Our Values “6 KAP Loves"

1. Mahalin ang Kapwa (Love others)

2. Magdasal Palagi (Pray always)

3. Sundin ang Magulang (Obey your parents)

4. Mag-aral nang Mabuti (Study well)

5. Mahalin ang Bayan (Love your country)

6. Mahalin ang Kalikasan (Love the environment)


Why "Kapatid"?

​Our group's name is Kapatid because we believe that we are all brothers and sisters. We want to create an atmosphere of a true family for the kids, for them to have an 'ate' (older sister) and a 'kuya' (older brother), that they could call their "Kapatid" (sibling).


Know more about 2KK!

Website: http://www.kapwakapatid.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tulongsakapwakapatid


How to Donate:

Sponsor a Student: https://www.kapwakapatid.com/donate.html

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Migi Lapid
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