kaRUNungan: Fun Run for Silid Aralan

Education | Oct 11, 2016 | Volunteer Event

Volunteers will NOT pay anything in this volunteer opportunity.
We need volunteers who will COMMIT to be part of the organizing team of the event.
Silid Aralan, Inc (SAI) is a non-government organization that serves its purpose in facilitating children’s discovery of their inner potential, purpose, and love for learning.  SAI caters and facilitates low performing or academically challenged public elementary and high school students.  SAI believes that every individual is intelligent, thus, it helps low performing students to reach their full potentials.  It equips them with the necessary skills, both academic and non-academic, to ensure that they can cope up with their subjects and get equal opportunities at a college education. KaRUNungan: Fun Run for Silid Aralan is a fundraising activity for the benefit of Ground Zero learners of Silid Aralan, Inc. -Rizal. Ground Zero is an entry program of Silid Aralan, Inc. wherein most learners are composed of non-readers as well as low-performing students from public schools. The fund that will be raised on this event will be used for the operation of the organization as well as for its expansion to nearby municipalities to make an impact to more learners in other communities.
What - kaRUNungan: Fun Run for Silid Aralan
Where – Oval, San Jose, Rodriguez, Rizal
When -December 10, 2016
Things to bring – Water, Own food, Change of clothes
Attire– Running Attire! :)
Organizing Teams:

  • Create Letter to be sent out to companies (to get runners and pledgers) 10 Runners per company or more
  • Welcome letter to participants (Include the next steps of the registration process) and send it to their email
  • Statements for the booklets (coordinate with Creative and Marketing committee about this; ask what they need in producing the booklets to be given to the runners)
  • Create a system of registration for the runners
  • Create a system for collecting the fund raised
  • Identify a contact person (up to 2)
  • Make Directory for Volunteers (By Committee) then upload to GDrive
  • Other deliverables requested by other teams
Marketing and Communications
  • Email Potential Sponsors/Partners (Coordinate with the Secretariat and creatives for requirements)
  • Identify more sponsors
  • Booth Rentals: Contact companies/retailers (they will be given a chance to sell in the venue with payment to us)
  • Create a Marketing Strategy
  • Launching Date in Social Media (must coordinate with creatives)
  • Target participants: ( 200 PAX: Student Athletes/ Groups of Runner/ Companies' Representatives/ NGO Representatives)
  • Target pledgers: Friends of the Runners/ Silid Aralan supporters/ Companies
  • Contact different media platforms for promotion (Suggestions are WhenInManila.com, other NGOs, Rappler, event promoters)
  • Physical Promotion: Montalban Town Center, San Jose Oval (venue), Montalban Gymnasium
  • Other deliverables requested by other teams
  • General Pubmat (must clearly identify the role of runners and pledgers) GIF could be used in FB | Registration Procedure
  • For physical promotion:[SIZES] 9x3 ft. Tarpaulin, 9x9 ft. Tarp., 5x3 Tarpaulin
  • Design for brochure (coordinate with secretariat for the statements to be put in the brochure/pamphlet of the runners) INCLUDING: Runners' Statisctics, Profile, Waiver form (base on the previous brochure)
  • Singlet design
  • Create Letter Head for the event
  • Cover Photo (FB)
  • FAQs Template (Coordinate with Secretariat
  • Poster layout
  • Create Registration Form for the Event itself
  • Plaque design for the Winners (based on lapses)
  • Create posters for volunteers (Quantity, Roles) Identify by coordinating with the program committee
  • Other deliverables requested by other teams
Program Committee
  • Create Program Flow
  • Create a checklist for the program itself
  • Make a detailed plan for the program
  • Assign people for the program itself (identify volunteers and their roles/ discuss it with them)
  • Documentation of the Program (Assign)
We are hoping for your cooperation in this event to empower more learners in the Municipality of Rizal. This will be joined by different companies where you will meet more people and build networks! :) Moreover, you’ll get to know more about the nature of our organization. It will be one of the biggest events to be held in our community in Rodriguez, Rizal because this will be joined by athletes, students, company representatives, teachers, youth leaders, businessmen, etc. to support the cause. We hope to work with you and become one of the passion motivators! :) Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach SAI Rodriguez Project Leader Angelo Roxas at geloroxas@gmail.com / 0906-272-4075.

2/F Montalban Town Center, San Jose, Rodriguez, Rizal

Oct 11, 2016

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Silid Aralan, Inc.


Goal: 15


15 more volunteers needed

Event Done